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Submitting your music to CJSW is easy, fun and can help you get a following in Calgary and beyond! To submit your music for airplay at CJSW (or any other campus/community station for that matter) just follow these simple directions. If you’re looking for a complete list of campus/community radio stations across Canada, please visit www.earshot-online.com. For a list of what you shouldn’t do when sending your disc to radio (our station or otherwise), click here.

All submissions to CJSW should be addressed as follows:
CJSW Radio
Attn: Music Director
Rm. 312 MacEwan Hall
2500 University Dr. N.W.
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2N 1N4

Or sent to: music [at] cjsw [dot] com

Note for foreign submissions: If you are mailing your music from the United States or overseas, make sure you declare a value of $0.00 on the customs sticker that goes on your envelope, and say that the envelop contains “PROMO.” We aren’t able to pay duty for any discs held up at the border. In addition to declaring it’s value at $0.00 (or as we like to think, “priceless”), write the following code (if required) on your customs sticker: HS 9815.00.00.00 – ETA VII (1).

The record
CJSW accepts music in all forms (CD, record, cassette and high quality mp3).

For physical releases, place your unwrapped record in an envelope, preferably with some sort of protective padding either around the CD or in a padded envelope itself. Sometimes those mail-sorting machines aren’t as careful as we would like. Having a spine on your record with the artist name and record title clearly displayed will dramatically help the chances of a DJ picking your record up for airplay.

For digital releases, send a download link to your record, preferably archived as a ZIP file. All the tracks must have proper metadata (id3 tags) for the artist, album and track title. Tagging the track number and release year is also nice.

The one sheet
Include a one sheet in the envelope or digital archive. A one sheet is an industry standard that includes the following information on one page: artist name, album title, record label name, release date, album track list, a couple recommended tracks, tracks containing obscenities, a small bio and press quotes (optional). It is also very helpful if some of this information is printed on a small sticker and stuck to the artwork of the CD, as this makes the information readily available to DJs.
» Press Kit (Google doc Format)
» Press Kit (pdf)

If you wish to follow up, give a couple of weeks to allow your record to be received and reviewed. At this time you may either call or email the Music Director:

(p) 403-220-3085
(e) music[at] cjsw [dot] com.

Note: Charts and playlist changes take place every Monday, adding new material received on or before the previous Thursday. A disc will not be considered for the stations top 5 adds unless it has been received by the station on or before the Thursday prior to the week of add.

Tracking hours are Thursdays 10AM to 5PM and Fridays from 10AM to Noon MST.

National or international promotion
If you are considering sending your record out on a national or international level, you might consider hiring a radio promotions company to help you organize and promote your record to radio. Please note that CJSW as well as most other campus/community stations do not require you to hire a promotions company for your music to be considered for airplay. That said, these promotions companies have built up relationships with the music directors at the various stations they service, and can help you organize a very professional campaign (though these campaigns cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars for a typical six to eight week campaign). Some of these promotional companies are as follows:

National (Canadian) promotional companies

International (US/Canadian) promotional companies

For more information about conducting a successful radio campaign check out this article.
Now that you you know everything you need to submit music, click here to find out what not to do when submitting your tunes for airplay.